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Annual Parish Council meeting – The Annual Parish Council meeting  will be held remotely via Zoom on Monday 13th July 2020 at 7pm. If any members of the public wish to attend they should contact the Clerk before 5pm on the day of the meeting for details of the meeting ID and password.

Children’s Play Area – 4 July 2020
The Children’s play area has been re-opened.  To ensure you are ready to use the play area safely please read the following guidelines and plan ahead for safe fun this Summer.   Guidelines  

Allotment Committee meeting – A meeting of the Allotment Advisory Committee will be held remotely via Zoom on Monday 22nd June 2020 at 7pm. If any members of the public wish to attend they should contact the Clerk before 5pm on the day of the meeting for details of the meeting ID and password.

Review of Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) closure – 13th May 2020
The Parish Council has re-opened the MUGA following the government announcement on Sunday 10th May 2020, in-line with the changes made to exercise.
Government restrictions must be adhered to and social distancing maintained at all times. This means the MUGA can only be used with members of your household, or one other person while staying 2 metres apart. The MUGA will be monitored at regular intervals and if not being used in accordance with the regulations this facility will unfortunately be closed.
The children’s play area will remain closed at the present time in accordance with the Government advice.
Help prevent the spread of Covid-19   Stay Alert – Control the Virus –Save Lives

Review of Holme Meadow recreation field closure – 26 April 2020
Messingham Parish Council has been informed by Messingham Junior Football Club that it is unable to remove the football goal posts on Holme Meadow Recreation field under the present Government Covid-19 restrictions.
The Parish Council has placed barrier tape across the goal posts and has re-opened the field.
Government restrictions must be adhered to at all times.
• Observe Social distancing
• Do not congregate
• Dogs must be kept on a lead
Help prevent the spread of Covid-19   Stay Home – Stay Safe – Save Lives

Review of closures – 19 April 2020
The Parish Council has reviewed its decision regarding the present closures following the change in Government position announced in their briefing on 18th April 2020.
The recreation field on Holme Meadow will be re-opened subject to removal of the football goal posts. Messingham Junior Football Club are presently considering their ability to remove the posts within the present Government guidelines.
The Children’s play area and MUGA on Northfield Road will remain closed under Government guidelines.
The playing field on Northfield Road is the responsibility of Messingham Memorial Play Field Association who will make their own decision.

Coronavirus measures – Closure of play areas and Recreation field – 26 March 2020
Messingham Parish Council has taken the decision to close its Play area; Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on Northfield Road and the Recreation field on Holme Lane with effect from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.
The decision was made in response to Government advice and the additional measures announced on Monday 23rd March in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
The action has been taken in the interests of public health and the serious risks this virus has to life.
These steps will help minimise the spread of the virus by those contravening the ‘social distancing’ guidelines.
We are all facing unprecedented times and the Parish Council appeals for your co-operation in keeping our residents safe.
The only access to the grounds will be for maintenance purposes.
The decision will be reviewed and monitored in line with Government announcements.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic – 9 April 2020

The UK is currently experiencing a pandemic of COVID-19. This is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways caused by a virus called coronavirus.

You can find out how to protect yourself or check if you need medical help on the NHS  website www.nhs.uk

Up to date Government response to the virus can be found on the Government website www.gov.uk

North Lincolnshire Council has a new web page on their website www.northlincs.gov.uk with links to key information and advice along with updates for residents and businesses on any disruption to their services.

Details of help for the most vulnerable people can be found on North Lincolnshire Council website www.northlincs.gov.uk

The situation is fast moving and these websites are being continually updated. We advise that you keep referring to these sources. The Parish Council notice boards and website will also continue to be updated.

We very much hope that you will keep fit and healthy during this crisis, but if you have any concerns or issues please contact the Parish Clerk.

Messingham Parish Council held an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 23rd March 2020 to put in place measures to be able to function during the time when it is not possible to convene a meeting due to Government measures. Parish Council meetings have been suspended until further notice.



Application: PA/2020/764
Proposal: Planning permission to change the use of paddock to Childrens Eco-nursery to include the erection of office, teaching lodge and polytunnel and other assoc. works.
Site: Butterwick Road
Applicant: Mrs Smith
Officer: Scott Jackson
Consultation end date: 30 July 2020

Application: PA/2020/820
Proposal: Planning permission to erect a two-storey rear extension
Site: Twin Oaks, Holme Lane, Holme
Applicant: W Betts
Officer: Nick Salt
Consultation end date: 10 July 2020

Application: PA/2020/796
Proposal: Planning permission for extensions and alterations
Site: land off Scotter Road / High Street, Messingham to dwelling including raise height of roof, installation of dormer and roof lights and formulation of openings.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Withers
Officer: John Van Eker
Consultation end date: 30 June 2020

Application: PA/2020/672
Proposal: Outline planning permission to erect up to 30 dwellings with all matters reserved for subsequent consideration
Site: land off Scotter Road / High Street, Messingham
Applicant: Mr Philip Jackson, Jackson Philips Asset Solutions
Officer: Tanya Coggon
Consultation end date: 25 June 2020

Application: PA/2019/1174
Proposal: Planning permission for change of use of barn to residential dwelling
Site: Slate House Farm, between Holme & Messingham, Holme
Applicant: Miss Jacky Tolley
Officer: Brian McParland
Consultation end date: 9 June 2020

Application: PA/2020/459
Proposal: Planning permission for change of use of café to holiday accommodation and creation of 10 touring caravan pitches
Site: A Bite to East, Butterwick Road, Messingham, DN17 3PL
Applicant: AJ & S Bradford, Grange Park Fisheries
Officer: Brian McParland
Consultation end date: 5 June 2020

Application: PA/2020/554 – AMENDED PLAN
Proposal: Hybrid application comprising of planning permission to erect 5 dwellings and outline planning permission for 94 dwellings
Site: Land at Brigg Road, Access located between 57 and 71 Brigg Road, Messingham
Applicant: Mr Steven Ibbotson, Cyden Homes Ltd
Case Officer: Tanya Coggon
Consultation end date: 5 June 2020

Full information regarding the planning process and links to applications can be found on  ‘Your Council’ page under ‘Planning’.

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